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In 1984, it started as R.M. Morales Trophies and Plaques, with a small capital and few employees. The only product they produced are inaugural markers, medals, metal plaques, signage and simple cut of glass trophies. They became one of the popular manufacturers here in the Philippines and even exported the products in other countries like Singapore, Guam, Dubai, and United States of America.


After 25 years, R.M. Morales Trophies & Plaques owner changed the company name into Lerome Trophies & Plaques Corporation and added some employees and office staff. Since then, they started to produce colored trophies for new design and use combinations of glass, acrylic plastic, and wood trophies. The company maintain its the Good Quality products and have the cheapest price among other suppliers. And it became one of the most popular manufacturers of trophies and plaques in the Philippines and Abroad.


Lerome Trophies & Plaques is committed to the goal of providing excellent services & good quality product.


As we move toward our goals of being one of the best manufacturer of trophies and plaques here and abroad, we will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers.

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